Curriculum for Churches

Help children discover how the Bible impacts their lives.

With a story from the Bible App for Kids at the heart of each lesson, both of our curriculum are designed for engagement, quality, and ease-of-use. See the distinguishing features of each to decide which curriculum is right for you.

Bible Adventure

This two-year preschool curriculum includes fun, engaging video lessons that come with printable support materials to help the lessons sink in.

Bible Truths and You

This printable elementary curriculum includes 41 lessons that correspond with each Bible App for Kids story. Every lesson investigates truths from God's Word and helps kids cultivate character growth.

Bible Adventure

During early childhood, kids really can learn relevant Bible truths. Each of the 24 units, which last for one month, teaches engaging Bible stories that transfer to everyday application.

Download all support materials in one convenient place. From picture passes to story cards to small group guides, it's all free on Life.Church Open Network.

Sing along to original, downloadable kids songs from Mr. Music – and never worry about licensing or fees.

Teach with monthly videos featuring live-action hosts, colourful animated characters, memory verses with motions, and Bible App for Kids stories. There's even a video for leader training!

Bible Truths and You

A Journey Through God's Word in 41 Lessons

Thank you for your desire to share God's Word with young people. It is our sincere hope that this curriculum will illuminate biblical truths in young hearts and empower children to apply what they learn to their personal lives.

The curriculum is designed to primarily be used with children ranging in age from 5 to 8 years old. However, suggestions for adapting the activities for younger and older children have also been provided.

Comprised of 41 separate lessons, each teaching session is designed to last approximately 90 minutes. Every lesson follows the same format and includes discussion questions to help get children thinking, a memory verse and suggested hand motions to get children up and moving, and a concise, easy-to-understand explanation of how each individual Bible story fits into God's big story, the overall metanarrative of Scripture.

Support materials available